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costal space, a short distance in front of the angles of the ribs, and

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carefully if we are to lessen the number of patients with infective-

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The cau,se of of consciousness in epilepsy will

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in the minute, and not particularly hard. At his second visit, four

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alive for as long as six months if provided with sugar, dates, bananas,

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defense in the State of New York was for one purpose

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giving out of the limbs — oslasia. After such a col-

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both patients the knee-jerks were exaggerated and ankle clonus was present.

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of the pia, and small hemorrhages. Microscopical studies have been very

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and freely aerated water, and it produces a hyperemia more

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corpuscles increase in number daily, and that a new form, not

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passed within. To prevent the peritoneum being opened, as

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In order to answer this question it is necessary to examine the circulatory

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On September 19 he received 1 cc of milk, injected subcutane-

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press this fact upon the general practitioner. It is not indiffer-

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the disease to have been truly specific, for there was

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portion of the formerly anesthetic area, while the adduc-

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wards, early in January of this year, the opening leading through the

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treated, for a great many times ulcers have their origin in other

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further, "and Onan knew that the seed should not be his, and it

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1. For the purpose of comparing different indices of nutrition, a

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iu diaguosis, the extra risk of life, in their opinion, can-

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the physical basis of pain that have attracted so much

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demonstrated by dark-field examination. Three of the rabbits were

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The position generally assumed by these children is peculiar, and may well

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then there is evidently an excitation of the excito-motor

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as yet, paid your dues for 1905 to the secretary of your. County

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guid, much resembling death, his skin husky and corrugated much like

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before perforation takes place or the patient succumbs to

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up the vena cava until it may involve the renal veins. In rare cases, a

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as peculiar to this disease. In the very great majority of cases, however,

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[Gr. a priv. -h din>a/ut power. J Loss or deficiency

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W. T. Barger and wife, of Cleveland, are spending a few days

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the pulse, and alluded to a case in which he had found the

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